International Festival for Youth and Children "KITOKS"

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International Festival for Youth and Children "KITOKS'15" at Arts Printing House on 12 - 18 January, 2015

January the life of the Arts Printing House turns upside down. The walls of the old printing house will have to withstand a new challenge: a bunch of the most energetic, curious, bravest (and no secret, the noisiest) audience which will be brought to Šiltadaržio street by the event "KITOKS". The week of children theatre performances  and differnt types of workshops will ocupay the venue.

The aim of the festival is to have the program where every age group would have their perfromances and workshops. Arts Printing House presents events for the toddlers and for the infants. 

“KITOKS“ invites troupes from Europe and the premiers of Lithuanian organizations, awarded shows and well known artists.

Organizers chooses the program to cover important themes, such as sustainability, ecology,  frendship and love, which can be told using various stage methods, like acting, dance and circus. After the perfromances the theme is discused - children are very welcomed to stay in the workshops, where they act, dance or just play with the professional actors.

The fifth festival “KITOKS“ ON 12- 18, January  2015 at Arts Printing House.


* The program can be found at our Calendar section