Zero Gravity Company at the Residency in Vilnius - Open Presentation of "In Other Words"

 Zero Gravity In Other Words

Before the festival “New Circus Weekend’14”, Arts Printing House invited Zero Gravity Company - a contemporary circus group from Finland, for a one week Residency. 16 August, 17.00 Zero Gravity invites audience to see the new material created during the residency. Troupe is planning on focusing on the aerial movement with wires, and also experimenting different clothing and fabrics in working with them. In addition to the performance presentation, they would like to have an open discussion with the audience after it - not only for feedback, but for sharing thoughts and ideas about our work and the images that they get from the demo.

The target group of this performance is adults and young (recommended 12+).


Zero Gravity Company is a contemporary circus group loaded with power of expression. Five Finnish professional circus artists formed the company in 2010.
“In Other Words” - as an untypical way of approaching the process of a contemporary circus performance, we start from text.

First, members of the creative group read texts – news, novels, columns, poems, recipes, short stories etc. Anything we find interesting and inspirational, we share with each other. Members of the group can also write texts on their own, collecting thoughts about what we’ve read, or by flowing free by the stream of consciousness. From those texts the company chooses one text or theme that is the most interesting and inspiring to them and starts to create a collective and solid performance.

The performance is created with concentrated focus on one single instrument: Wire. In the creative process the group searches for multiple ways of using the wire, in addition to horizontal tight wires also vertically hanging and diagonally rigged wires, loops, balls and nets. Wires take over the stage and circus artists with different kind of special skills mold wires into their own use.

In Other Words has been shortlisted to Circus Next-production program on 2014