The Arts Printing House Transforms into a Talk Show Lounge

Dear dance meet sociaty

The bar is open! Have a drink and sit down. For one night only, the Arts Printing House transforms into a lounge where our Talk Show guests pour their hearts out in movement, words, music, stories, therapy, pictures, video and beyond.

The evening explores movement, dance, culture, identities and society. 

The evening is hosted by Team Cowboys arriving from Berlin as a part of a residency in Vilnius. We share the process of a new dance performance dealing with the struggle of today’s young masses as they search for Meaning in the big cities – much like the cowboys of the Wild West did, with gold in their eyes.

This is not about dance. This is about you and me and the world we live in. The Talk Show asks: is the society made of bodies, or ideas?
Dear dance, meet society!

* Featuring:
Vincent Bozek, choreographer (France)
Simo Vassinen, researcher and journalist (Finland)
Orlando Rodriguez, dancer (Venezuela)
Poliana Lima, dancer (Brazil)
Gintarė Masteikaitė, Arts Printing House (Lithuania)
Laura Udrienė, journalist and arts critic (Lithuania)
+ more guests!


** Arts Printing House | Black Hall | Friday 1 August 2014 | 19.00 | Free antrance | Welcome