Circus is Comming to Town


Arts Printing House presents International contemporary circus festival – “New Circus Weekend”, which will occupy Vilnius on 11 – 14 September, 2014.

The annual event for modern circus will present different disciplines of the circus (juggling, plastic acrobatics, dance), combined with visual arts and touching stories, which will be presented by well known and rapidly growing artists from France, the Netherlands, Finland and Lithuania. As well the educational program for the circus professionals will take place during the festival.

Finland’s first contemporary circus company Circo Aereo traditionally brings one of the companies’ productions to the Festival. “New Circus Weekend’14” will begin with the Object Circus Trilogy (“Un cirque juste juste”, “Un cirque tout juste”, “Un cirque plus juste, dinner”), created and performed by France-based juggler Jani Juutinen. The guests will establish their circus camp with the three circus tents in the old town of Vilnius and will announce that the New Circus has arrived into the town.
Nuutinen's subtle work goes beyond traditional virtuosity. He uses mundane objects that he has built himself. The audience do not know what to expect but venture out to uncharted waters with the performer. The wooden ring brings the audience close to the performer – all three performances catches the intimate atmosphere of circus campfires.


Dancer and juggler Clément Dazin (France) will present two performances during the Festival. In an esthetic, abstract and poetic way, Bruit de Couloir suggests a deep and intimate thought about the meaning of life in an intentionally simple and purified universe. By mixing contemporary dance, Hip Hop and a singular way of juggling, the show evokes different stages of life and reproduces emotional states through the body, balls and juggling.
The second performance – R2JE – is created together with Chinatsu Kosakatani and will be brought to Vilnius straight from the Festival d'Avignon.

The program of the Festival presents another guest from France – Cie Les Choses de Rien. The project Mouvinsitu created by Boris Gibé and Florent Hamon is a hybrid approached through the prisms of choreographic and visual arts. This work on the border of artistic disciplines unrolls itself during three years. The first two of them are dedicated to the research of movement and cinematographic vocabulary and result in a series of short films. The third year will be dedicated to the creation of a choreographic work linked to an exhibition.

For the second time, the three art academies ESAC (Belgium), CODARTS and ACaPA (the Netherlands) will join “New Circus Weekend”. Interactive “Open Circus gala” will present different kinds of new circus disciplines (jugglery, acrobatics, clownery and contemporary dance elements) and will introduce the audience with the best sketches of students’ troupe CirqueGebouw works.

In recent years, Arts Printing House is glad to present Lithuanian artists experiments in new circus field. The Festival inspired the first contemporary circus performances, gave the encouragement to arise artists and the troupes of the modern circus. This year, Lithuania will be presented by acrobat Konstantin Kosovec and his new solo performance.

Traditionally there will be New Circus workshops, training sessions and seminars during the weekend of the Festival. This year we invite professionals, young artists and students to work together with Maksim Komaro (Finland) and Cie Les Choses de Rien (France).

* International contemporary circus festival “New Circus Weekend’14” at Arts Printing House and in the old town of Vilnius 11 – 14 September, 2014.

** Tickets will be available soon.