Loreta Juodkait will mesmerize the audience in Kolkata

Salamandras Dream M.Jasinevicius mazas

Bratyajon International Theatre Festival in Kalkata, organized by Kalindi Bratyajon, is set to enter its third year amidst great enthusiasm and expectation. The international theatre festival, has emerged as one of the most awaited annual events among theatre-lovers in the city.
The week-long theatre festival at the Star Theatre aimed to give a taste of international theatre, the event will showcase art forms from Romania, Lithuania, Bhutan and Thailand in addition to acts from Bhopal, Delhi and Bengal-based groups.

"Audiences need to know about different forms of theatre across the world and not just regional theatre," said Bratya Basu, director of Bratyajon.

Lithuania will be represented by award-winning modern dance artist Loreta Juodkaite who will give the audiences a glimpse of a unique act inspired by the salamander, an amphibian.
Loreta Juodkaite and Arts Printing House will present dance performance "Salamandra's Dream. Picture".

"Lithuania has emerged as the centre of modern dance and theatre. The solo performer Loreta Juodkait will mesmerize the audience in Kolkata as she is one of the youngest and most popular faces in the emerging cultural scenario of Lithuania," - said Diana Mickeviciene, minister in counsel at the embassy of Lithunia, during the event's curtain raiser Wednesday.


** Dance diptych "Salamandra’s Dream. Picture" created by choreographer Loreta Juodkaite and director Valentinas Masalskis. This performance has been awarded with two prestigious theatre awards. Besides choreographer Loreta Juodkaite, the composer Marius Baranauskas has received
Golden Stage Crosses for the Best Music created for performance.