Print Art On Stage – Summer Guests At Arts Printing House

Arts Printing House, a new creative space based in the Old Town of Vilnius, has been collecting different types of independent performing arts projects into one and allows them to share their artistic visions with the audiences. Now the place is open up also as a performing arts residency. 


We are glad to announce International Residents for June - August, 2014.


* June 9-22  | Pocket Hall

Pink Cloud Effect/ Marit Sirgmets, Kjersti Aas Stenby, Simona Bieksaite

The idea of Pink Cloud Effect project aroused in Norway, 2013 spring when three international stage artists  - Marit, Kjersti and Simona were preparing their Independent project for spring term in Norwegian Theater Academy. The result was very successful and group decided to work on and develop the project further. 


Pink Cloud Effect is the theater piece which draws an ironic look to the certain representatives of the society we live in. Creators are investigating the dystopia and  phenomena of crisis that takes an important part in our contemporary lives. They are researching how these crisis of communication and social behavior are arising; if there are any so called ''social norms'' left in general, what are the main reasons that any agreements of social behavior crack so easily. What are the biggest iconic vices, sinful defects of modern social gaming and what consequences they bring through. These topics are represented on the stage in the form of funny, ironic and poetical theater performance. 

The show investigates the social paradox, the value of morality, (un)necessity of classical virtues, definitions of the winner and the looser, gender roles, female sexuality, the need for banality and onetimeness.


* June 9-30 | Black Hall

Siim Tõniste & Üüve-Lydia Toompere & Liis Tamm 

Project True Skin

Siim Tõniste & Üüve-Lydia Toompere are freelance choreographers and dance artists who reside in Tallinn, Estonia.

Liis Tamm is a conceptual jewelry artist and is most interested in wearable installations.


Tõniste and Toompere have worked together on many projects. 

In their work they appreciate variations of communication. In the spaces that they create a collision between movement and human relations can be seen through clever usage of different mediums.


For the local dance community we would like to offer  open rehearsals/workshops on the same theme we are working on. For us this is a chance to try out some of our designs on other bodies beside ourselves and hopefully a chance to get new material.This is also an opportunity for us to meet the Lithuanian dance scene and for local dancers to experience our way of movement.


* July 20 - August 3

Vincent BOZEK

Cow Boys


Cow Boys (working title) mixes dance, movement and live music to portray the current urban mindset. The project mirrors our own experiences of living around the world, and coming together for different reasons and through shared and personal struggles. Our search for a mythical city lined in gold is a present day paradigm. We migrate to the big cities and fight for space with others doing the same. The cowboys of the new Gold Rush look for a nugget of gold in the form of new meanings, a new sense. Cow Boys explores present day gold diggers through bodily states that lie somewhere between animal and human. How do we smell each other, how do we compare each other? Fighting for nourishment – in whatever form – is as much a concern for an animal as it is for humans. The end result of the project is a stage performance for a live musician, three or more performers, and possible audiovisual installations. 


* August 11-17 | Black Hall

Zero Gravity Company


Zero Gravity Company is a contemporary circus group loaded with power of expression. Five Finnish professional circus artists formed the company in 2010. All members of the company graduated from the Turku Arts Academy’s bachelor’s degree program for circus arts.

The Performance is targeted from young adults to adults and to everyone who wants to see living performance with  performers. It is not essential to be circus-wise spectator, Zero Gravity Company aims to move people in other ways; with evocative performance and actual, personal themes that the spectator can identify with. We would like to have a work-in-proggres presentation and a possibility to disscuss with the audition afterwords in our residency period. We need and are willing to have criticism and comments during the rehearsal-period to improve on the show. The last days rehearsals are planed according to the ideas that we get from the audience.



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