Energy Which Changes – New Baltic Dance Starts Now


One of the biggest international contemporary dance festivals in the Baltic countries starts this weekend – and invites audience on May 9 – 15 to enjoy the magnificent shows, premiers and the awarded Lithuanian performances.
On the opening night of the Festival Arts Printing House presents – the Phenomenon of the Year – dance performance "Contemporary?".


Contemporary maza

This is probably the first time in Lithuania that three artists have cooperated to create a performance that looks at the Lithuanian contemporary dance scene with a self-irony glance, quoting cliché movements, phrases, even costume details. „Contemporary?” is focusing ironically on the processes of dance making.


The same evening – first guest – choreographer and dancer Andrius Katinas – Lithuanian artist based in Finland – and his performance – „Work“: as a concept, idea of work is very broad. In this version of stage piece focused on the aspects of lazy body, construction of identity through labour as personal universe.


On Saturday we are going to introduce public with four different Lithuanian artists, who are better known abroad.

For the first time in Lithuania - Andrius Mulokas (the Netherlands) and his debut at the Arts Printing House - „Criseless“.

Ugnė Dievaitytė (Spain) with her stage partner Poliana Lima invites to the „Flesh“. 

Loreta Juodkaitė Dance Theatre will present the new solo performance by Loreta Juodkaite – „Memory“.

„Miss World 2014 Lithuania“ –  an ironic look at the biggest beauty contest - conception and performance by Vilma Pitrinaite (Belgium).


Sunday – it is time for a premiere!

Dancers and choreographers Marius Pinigis and Mantas Stabačinskas presenting „ID: no-688e“: the performance came out of the desire to find a contact between the national heroes of the beginning of the 20th century and the individual of the beginning of the 21st. The artists are interested in questioning the identity and rethinking Lithuanian historical events which have made a great impact on several Lithuanian generations.

The guests from Kaunas – Aura Dance Theater coming to the festival with the work – „The Curio Cabinet“ (Choreography: Deborah Light (Great Britain)). Performed by 2 males and 2 females, gender roles are examined and status struggles are at play in a world that is governed by the laws of survival of the fittest. This is a world of hidden secrets inhabited by archaic creatures, crumbling fossils and terrible lizards. Stark delineation of spatial territory reflects the social structures of the time.
TanzLaboratorium from Ukraine will present „Cruelty of Possibility“  -  „alchemy of theatre“ which takes the form of a performance-installation where the main role belongs to viewers' perception while the actors exist in a situation of self-installed objects.

Low Air - Spektaklis Kelione namo - fotografe Aura Skulskyte 3

May 12 – the Golden Stage Cross winners and the Best Choreography of the year 2013 – urban dance performance by Laurynas Zakevicius and Airida Gudaite – „Home Trip“.

May 13 – the stage will belong to the troupe from Israel „Dafi Dance Group“. The performance „Never the Less“ and work in progress „In-dependent“ will be presented.

Representing Baltic contemporary dance – guest from Latvia Dmitrijs Gaitjukvics and from Estonia Kompanii Nii – on May 13 at Arts Printing House.

Women 10 foto-D.MatvejevasĀ

To close the 18th Festival „New Baltic Dance“ invited choreographer Vytis Jankauskas (Lithuania) and his newest performance „Arrhythmias“. Alongside with him – Korzo productions and Arts Printing House with the new work from Jerome Meyer (the Netherlands) – „W(o)men“.

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